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- Turtle Nesting -

One of the many biological wonders of Costa Rica are the nesting grounds for a variety of sea turtles.  Lucky nature watchers can see these lovely beasts coming ashore at night to lay their eggs on secluded beaches.  Two such regions are a short drive from our hotel:

  • Playa Grande -- Approximately 1 hour south of Hotel El Velero is a principal nesting site for the giant leatherback turtle... the largest turtle in the world! You will have a unique opportunity to see these beautiful creatures. Night tours are offered during turtle nesting season (November 15th - February 15th) with pickup
    and delivery to our hotel. Visit The Leatherback Trust for beautiful photos and information about the leatherback turtles located at Playa Grande.

  • Playa Ostional National Wildlife Refuge -- About 1.5 hours from our hotel, you can see mass nesting of the Olive Ridley sea turtles 4 to 10 times between July and November. You must have a reservation with the National Park Service to visit. Visit Ostional Wildlife Refuge for more information regarding Ostional National Wildlife Refuge on the Nicoya Peninsula.

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