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- Rincon de la Vieja -

Located in the Northern Volcanic Mountain Range of Guanacaste, you can find Hot Mud Pools, Hot Water Springs and the "Fumaroles". This region is still a Cattle Ranching area, and you can still find huge Haciendas with old Ranches. This creates a unique and almost bizarre landscape, finding vast ranches and forests with nothing in it but wilderness. Canopy Tours, Horseback Riding, Bird watching, Hiking and swimming, soaking in volcanic mud pots are some of the popular activities at Rincon de la Vieja.

Although the Rincon de la Vieja peak is active, it is unlikely for it to have a major explosion since it is constantly venting off steam and heat through the fumaroles that dot the terrain. The hornillas are a collection of mud cones, mud pots and vents you can visit, their most active period is the rainy season.

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