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- Bird and Nature Watching -

There are many reasons Costa Rica is preferred by birders: it's a small country with varied habitats and an astounding biodiversity. The variety and quantity of Costa Rican birds you can observe in this country is amazing. With 874 species divided into 64 families, there is plenty to look for. Many birds are easy to see throughout the year, including the Emerald Toucanet, Black Guan, Collared Redstart, Blue-crowned Motmot, Kinkajou, and half a dozen or more species of dazzling hummingbirds. Resplendent Scarlet Macaws have recently been spotted near the banks of the Tempisque River.

When birding, Costa Rica's many wonderful wonders will take your breath away. Due to the dense foliage, the only warnings you'll have of the incredible birds in the vicinity are their songs and calls. The Kiskadee sings throughout Costa Rica, the Long Tailed Manakin with its red crest and bright blue back you'll see in abundance in the humid forests and Santa Rosa, calling out "Toledo". Another striking bird is the Blue Crowned Motmot: bright turquoise with a long tail feather with a knob at the end. It's an interesting specimen with peculiar behavior: its namesake song sounds like a dog playfully barking and when it perches it "wags" its tail.

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